Wednesday, July 17, 2019

4 Reasons Signifying the Need of Travel Agency for Your Upcoming Trip

Generally, how do you plan a trip on your vacations? Obviously, most of you will say that booking an online hotel and start the journey. It seems simple, but your perception changes after visiting the location. A holiday trip is not about reaching the pre-specified destination, checking into a hotel and spending all day inside. In a holiday destination like Himachal Pradesh, you will discover countless options to explore. From lush green valleys to two high mountains covered with snow caps, there is a lot of excitement to the experience. It is a hilly area, so you will not be able to avail services like a big city. Without the assistance of a professional tour and travel agency, you will have to suffer a lot. In the below article, I am explaining some solid reasons to prefer a travel agent.

1. Cost efficient

Search a “travel agency near me” online to find all service providers who are offering attractive travel packages. If you compare the price of all their services,

it will be much lesser than you spend on the entire trip. The travel agencies have to make bookings in bulk; therefore, their accommodation charges will be reasonable. If you are looking for a large group booking, the discount will be much higher.

2. Booking cabs guides

It is very difficult to find a cab for local sites visited along with a guide. Even if you manage to find a cab, their charges will be much higher than your expectation. A tour and travel agency includes all these services in their package.

3. Accountable for your safety

The unpredictable climatic conditions and difficult geographical conditions of Himachal Pradesh make it unsafe from many aspects. In case of an emergency, the travel agency near me will take the accountability to send you back safely at home.

4. Sustainable management of the entire trip

Before heading out for an adventurous trip to Himachal Pradesh, you need to manage the entire schedule in priority. Leave this responsibility on a tour and travel agency. They already pre-plan the entire trip by utilizing every single hour if your holiday.

Hope, these reasons will be enough to motivate you for booking holiday packages with professional agencies. Make sure that they have authorization of commercial travel bookings.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Easily Approachable Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

When it comes to planning your vacations in Himachal Pradesh, everyone starts thinking about isolated difficult hills covered with snow. However, this perception is partially true. There are several worth-watching locations in Himachal that you can enjoy without getting tired of tracking & carrying a heavy load. With other states, Himachal is specifically connected through highways that are four lanes and two-lane. Major routes to this state come from the Punjab. While traveling through these highways, you can easily reach some of the most exciting locations. Open your Google map & markdown famous places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. For your convenience, we are mentioning some of the easily accessible holiday destinations where you can visit with parents, partner or friends.

Easily accessible locations in Himachal Pradesh

1. Kasauli

If you are driving from Chandigarh, the nearest location to enjoy the greenery, fog & chilling climate is Kasauli. It is just around 60 KM far from Chandigarh and you can cover most of the distance through Shimla-Chandigarh expressway. A link road separates from Dharampur that leads you to the lush green valleys of Kasauli. On this road, you will find numerous hotels & resorts to stay & relax. Before planning your trip, contact a travel agent who can also arrange a camping trip.

2. Shimla

Around 60 kilometers ahead Kasauli, you will reach the hill queen Shimla. It is a world famous destination of tourism where you can easily reach through a wide highway. It is the capital of Himachal where you can enjoy a lot of locations, including Mall Road, Jakhu, Kufri, Fagu, and Chail & Mashobra. One can easily spend the entire week while roaming across pine trees.

3. Dharamshala

For the ultimate peace of mind, nothing is better than Dharamshala. This beautiful location comes to the limelight after the inauguration of the famous international cricket ground. This is among the highly preferred tourist places in Himachal Pradesh to visit. Reaching here is very convenient through NH 88. You will discover a unique fusion of Tibetan & Himachal culture here. Authentic cuisine, Tibetan Market and small treks are some of its major constituents of action.

4. Palampur

Have you ever seen tea gardens in your life? If not, visit Palampur at once. It is also a small town of Kangra district where you will love to spend the entire life. Reaching here is very easy through direct bus service or your own vehicle. For adventure enthusiasts, there is an option of Paragliding too.

These are some of the most easily accessible places to visit in Himachal Pradesh without giving pain to your legs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Finding a Budget-Friendly Travel Agency That Treats You with the Best Hospitality

Travelling always amaze people because new and beautiful locations always refresh your mind. The tour becomes much exciting if when you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most beautiful states of India full of diverse geographical locations as well as cultures too. Visiting here is exciting but sometimes the budget does not allow. In this situation, many people drop the plan or postpone until the next holidays. If you are also facing a similar situation, there is no need to worry. Open your browser and search “travel agency near me” that has tourism contacts with hotels and transportation facilities of Himachal Pradesh. Numerous results will appear, including luxury and cheap travel plans. Here are some tips that you should always consider while searching for a budget-friendly travel agency.

Tips to find an affordable travel agency for a visit to Himachal

1. Go through all websites of tourism

Collect information regarding the agencies of tours and travels near you who is providing services to Himachal Pradesh. All of them will have different tourism package. Compare the price to conclude the average price. Consider both local as well as international ports while comparing the plans. Sometimes, local agencies can offer you more affordable. Also, negotiation is possible with them.

2. Compare the services of all packages

Don’t just get impressed with the cheap plans, but also check their services. Read all terms & conditions carefully to ensure that there is a hidden clause of fooling the customers that you will come to know after reaching the destination. Compare the services of every travel agency near you. Choose a plan that is covering the basic requirements rather than including luxury. Hill stations are already expensive places, so spend every penny carefully.

3. Prefer public transport

The transportation facilities in most of the regions of Himachal Pradesh have become better. Both private and Government luxury buses are available for booking at an affordable price as compared to a private cab. Search for a travel agency near me that can arrange the bus transportation facility throughout the entire destinations marked before a journey.

These three smart tips will surely help you in experiencing the proximity of Mother Nature at an affordable price.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Important Things to Consider While Marking Tourist Places in Shimla for Upcoming Trip

Are you planning a trip to Shimla for getting rid of sweaty and irritating summer with friends or family? It is a great thought rather than choosing a crowded beach. Shimla is one of the easily approachable tourist destinations where you can reach through road, airways and even through a toy train of Britishers time. After reaching there, you must be aware of this fact that it is a hill station with beautiful sites but also comprises some difficulties. Before booking a package of Shimla tourist places, there are several factors to consider that you will be able to read in the below article. This valuable information will surely help you a lot during the trip.

1. Adventure activities or cosy accommodation

While choosing a tourism package in Shimla, remember one thing that it is a hill station suitable for the romantic honeymoon as well as adventure sports too. Choose tourist places in Shimla according to your the purpose of the visit. For a comfortable visit, stick around the most convenient places like mall road, Sanjauli and Lakkar Bazaar. On the other hand, adventure enthusiasts can book their hotels in the outside locations like Fagu, Chail and even in the rural areas of Mashobra. In these locations, you can gain an opportunity to enjoy camping, hiking and foraging with experts.

2. Water scarcity

If your plan to visit Shimla is in the Summer season, remember one thing that you will surely face the issue of water scarcity. From last few years, Shimla is getting overpopulated that results in the inadequate water supply. It is among the tourist places in Himachal Pradesh where you need to contact the travel agent and ask about the situation of water. Visit only if there is adequate water supply.

3. Access to more locations options

During the summer season, there is an opportunity to access more locations nearby Shimla as compared to the winters because of the cooler climate. When slow vanishes away, it becomes convenient to access the topmost mountain ranges and the hidden treasures of Mother Nature.

4. Be aware of Stinging Nettle

If you are a first time visitor to Shimla, be aware of the Nettle plant. The leaves of this plant contain inflammatory properties that are temporary but turn your skin red and cause too much irritation. Always identify these plants in all tourist places of Shimla before going out.

These are some important instructions that every traveler must follow while visiting Shimla, especially in the summer season. With just a little bit of awareness, your holidays will be more joyful.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Essential Precautions To Consider Before Planning a Trip to Himachal

When summer comes, it’s a call from hills to chill out with family or friends in the refreshing landscapes of greenery and partial snow. However, be aware that the geographical conditions of hills are totally different from the planes where you are living currently. Circumstances keep on changing here in every hour. Himachal Pradesh had the most exciting locations that attract millions of local as well as foreign tourists to explore the hidden secrets of Mother Nature. Just type “travel agencies near me” & get the addresses of numerous agents. However, many people forget this fact that life in the hills is also very tough, without adequate precautions, just a little mistake can turn into life threat. This article will guide you with some tips on how to stay safe during the journey of Himachal.

1. Arrange alternative backup plans

While travelling to any difficult terrain of Himachal Pradesh, make sure that you have arranged a backup plan. Inform any of your family members or friends to keep funds for an emergency. In situations like landslides, heavy snowfall or bad weather, you may need some extra finance sources. Also, carry hard cash rather than depending on your ATM cards because you may not find any ATM machine in the remote locations.

2. Be aware of small rivers

Clear water of beautiful rivers may attract you to take a dip for refreshment. It is advisable that never get lured by the beautiful scenes because the flood may occur suddenly in any season due to the heavy rainfall on the hills or water released by any hydroelectric power plant. The travel agencies near you may not inform that hundreds of small hydroelectric power plants are there in Himachal Pradesh that may release a huge amount of water any time.

3. Manage your physique according to hills

Be physically strong enough to travel on foot during your journey to the difficult terrains of Chamba, Kullu or Manali. It is not possible to reach every destination in Himachal in your car. If you want to experience the true essence of nature, keep your physique active. If you have any respiration-related issue, always choose the low altitude locations to travel such as Dharamshala and Shimla. A travel agency near me can provide the list of locations which are easily accessible.

Before booking a trip with the travel agency near me, keep these points in mind to stay safe in difficult situations on a hill station.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Tips To Arrange A Trip To Himachal in Budget

Only a few people in this world are fortunate enough to have both money and time to spend it freely. Generally, it is seen that people forget living in the greed of earning or wish to travel across the world but with empty pockets. However, smart people find out some different ways to enjoy their life even with limited resources. If you have a dream of experiencing the beauty of Himachal but cannot arrange adequate funds, there are some tricks that can help in arranging a trip in the budget. Some good travel agencies arrange tour packages for every kind of people. Try to find an agency that provides packages in all variations such as budget-friendly, mid-range & luxury. Before booking with a service provider, make sure that they are certified by concerned authorities and have good reviews from previous customers. While travelling on a budget, it is obvious that you have to compromise with some aspects, but they will surely not ruin your excitement. Scroll down to read some important tips.

1. Prefer public transport as much as possible

Make sure that you are travelling most of the distance through public transport rather than a private taxi. For better comfort, the government also runs luxury buses that will surely come in your budget range easily. While selecting the cheap tour packages, exclude the travel expenses. It will save a major portion of your money.

2. Search for Home Stays

The most beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh are in remote areas where arranging a hotel is very expensive. It’s better to make arrangements for Home stay. Ask your tour packages agency to help with this concern. They have contacts of some great Home stay service providers because it is an old trend among Himachal Tourism business.

3. Cut down your drinks expenses

It is not possible that you will not enjoy your favorite brand of rum or whiskey while roaming across the beautiful landscapes and lush green valleys. However, it is advisable to arrange a separate budget for this kind of stuff so that you don’t have to regret in the future.

4. Choose the cheapest travel package

Make sure that you are choosing among the cheapest tour packages available on their list. While wandering across the hills with a group of friends, money matters less than real happiness.

Whenever you will return back to the same locations after becoming a successful person, quality time spent in a tight budget will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face. Every moment in life is precious; don’t waste it in thinking of money only.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hiring The Best Tour and Travel Services Agency For Himachal Journey

While talking about Himachal Pradesh, an image of lush green valleys, snow and mist comes in mind. It is a really a paradise on earth where every visitor fell in love after the first journey. Area wise, it is a small state with but you cannot cover the entire state in just one trip. For understanding its diverse culture going through the challenging terrains, you need the assistance of a local tour and travel services agency. They can enhance your knowledge with correct information and also tell about some secret gems of Mother Nature. While hiring a travel agency for Himachal, keep some points in your mind that are mentioned below.

How to hire a proficient travel agency for Himachal visit

1. Ask for their authorization proof

Whenever you hire a local travel agency, always ask for the proof of authorization by the government. Generally, most of the travel agencies mention this information on their online portal. Still, if not visible, ask them to provide adequate information. Locations like Himachal are beautiful as well as full of risks because of the tough geographical conditions. In case of any mishap, only a registered agency will be accountable to its clients.

2. Compare the price range

Always stay open with all online & offline options while comparing price. Roam across multiple online platforms to check the average cost of a tour and travel firm. Also, keep a sharp eye at discount offers because the competition is increasing rapidly. Thorough research can provide you with some options at an affordable price. The saved money can be further utilized for shopping and fun.

3. Customization package options

Make sure that the tour and travel services company that you are going to hire is providing customization options in packages. Sometimes you just need the accommodation and sometimes entire package from pickup to drop back. They must provide you plan as per the requirement.

4. Clear terms & conditions regarding services

There must be no hidden term or condition in the contract form of a tour and travel firm. Talk to them frankly and clear all doubts regarding their liabilities towards you. Cancellation, refund and accountability policies must be clear between both parties.

Along with these requirements, make sure that the travel firm has native footprints in Himachal. It is helpful for you to understand the locality and seek help in bad climatic conditions.