Monday, December 17, 2018

Reasons To Prefer A Native Travel Agent Of Himachal Pradesh

Is this your first time to Himachal this winter and you don’t want any issue regarding on-time service? The first thing to consider is searching for a reliable travel agent. Generally, many people prefer a big name in the travel industry for their bookings. When you look for the online booking at a place like Himachal Pradesh, it is advisable to consider native travel agents in prioritizing. The ease of online connectivity has made it very easy to find a native travel agency that can provide you with equally beneficial packages as big companies are offering. Below are some strong reasons why a native tour and travel agency of Himachal would be better to prefer rather than multinationals.

1) Knowledge of geographical conditions

Himachal has a large number of hill stations with different kinds of geographical conditions. According to the situation you need specific arrangements, including camping site selection, skiing, trekking or Paragliding. The local agents of tour and travel services know the perfect locations for such kinds of activities. You don’t need to carry a map for finding Snow caps for skiing in Rohtang Pass or awesome treks of Kullu.

2) Direct interaction with locals

If you want to gain some knowledge regarding the local culture of people, the local guides can help in making such contacts. They are the natives who easily communicate and translate everything for your convenience. People who are visiting for making documentaries on the tough life of shepherds or people in remote locations can get maximum benefit from a native travel agency.

3) Knowledge of beautiful hidden sites

A typical travel booking app of tour and travel services will only provide you with the knowledge regarding famous sites of Shimla or Manali. If these popular locations have become monotonous due to frequent visits, try to find something hidden. For this concern, a native tour and travel services agency can help in a better way. They know adjacent locations which are unexplored but equally beautiful.

4) Link roads knowledge

In case of an emergency, the drivers of a native travel agency like Him Journey can transport you through alternate link roads. Landslides and heavy snowfall are some circumstances when you need customized service rather than a pre-planned program of your journey.

These are some explanations why a native travel agency of Himachal can provide you with better services than any random company.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Exotic Ideas To Reveal Your Adventurer Instinct

If you are an aspiring adventurous person who wants to push the physique limits to a new level, visit Himachal. It is not only the land of Gods, but also the land of challenges where you can test your limits. Life on hills is really hard, and you must take a chance at least once or twice in a year to experience it. This is not only about adventure, but also keeps you much closer towards Mother Nature. In Himachal Pradesh, you can select tracking difficulties, according to your physique level, hover above the beautiful valleys with para-gliders. This is not all, there are various camping sites enlisted by top travel tour companies to spend an adventurous night or enjoy swimming in the clear blue water of rivers. For every season, there is an adventure sport awaiting you in Himachal. Here is a list that will help you in making a quick decision.

1) Best location for Paragliding enthusiasts

If Paragliding is among your wish lists which are still not fulfilled, no place is better than Bir Billing of Palampur at Kangra district. This is a world famous location that also hosted the world cup tournament of gliding a few years ago. There are a number of highly trained Paragliding experts available at tour & travel companies for providing tandem Paragliding flight from the top of Billing to Bir. The best season for visiting this adventurous place is between Octobers to July month.

2) Skiing in chilling winters

Winter is the perfect season to visit Manali if you love skiing. The high altitude of Solang Valley at Rohtang Pass is an ideal location for skiing in Himachal. Every year, snow covers most of the peaks and it becomes the hub of adventure lovers to discover something really challenging. If you are new to this spot, don’t worry. Here you can find Ski operators from any tour and travel company who can assist beginners with some safe and easy tricks.

3) Challenging tracks for camping

Trekking is a thrilling sport and requires a lot of patience to face unexpected challenges. If you are physically and mentally prepare for this, just contact Him Journey to book a travel package for Chamba. The valleys of Chamba are among the most challenging treks in the lower Himalayan range. Here you can also enjoy camping nights with friends.

Life without adventure and thrill becomes boring because of the regular stressful lifestyle. It is advisable to utilize the vigor of youth in some adventurous activities. They will turn into the most beautiful moments of a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tips To Enjoy Budget Friendly Vacations in Himachal

When we talk about traveling, the biggest hurdle that comes in front of us is the shortage of money. You may not know, but basically, most of the people love traveling. However, the lack of proper knowledge and information about the local market and surrounding confine us to carry on with traveling. As because the information help us in calculating a budget, they are immensely important.

Himachal Pradesh constitutes of various innumerable hill stations that presents a fusion of natural beauty with a spiritual essence. The lovely coniferous meadows, dense woods, snow wrapped mountainous region, Buddhist temples, Tibetan influence, various highly adorable Indian temples, etc. makes Himachal Pradesh stand with pride as one of the finest tourist destinations. The fascinating locations are ideal for the youngsters as well as the aged ones. It is well suited for adventurous feats like trekking, Paragliding, rock climbing, mountain climbing, motor biking, river rafting, etc. for energetic youths and sacred pilgrimages for elders.

And yes! You must have a strong desire to go there, but the thing that stops you from doing so is the fear of arranging the tour under your budget.

Now, let's spotlight some of the effective tips that would help you to tackle with your budget and embrace you with comfortable vacations in Himachal:

1. Concern with the best tour and travel expert of that locality or state where you want to roam.
2. Secondly, research for the wonderful adventure tour packages online.
3. Try to get the local coupons and deals that will help you save money.
4. Book your stay at a place where the kitchen and a fridge is available or the breakfast is free of cost. You could also stay at ' Dharmashalas ' widely available in Himachal where the rent is low.
5. You could also queue in 'langars' where delicious vegetarian meals are served.
6. Use reusable water bottles.
7. Search for the cheapest conveyance facilities online and offline.

Or it would be much better and more advantageous to concern with Him Journey Tour and Travel Company. The Him Journey Tour and Travel Company provides you special adventure packages and interesting pilgrim tour packages with a synchronized guiding and varied options to meet your budget. It is the best tour company in Himachal Pradesh that has the one stop solution to all the budget related complications.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Expand Your Limits with Challenging Treks of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal — the Divine Paradise on earth— shows a heart touching splendid snowy and green natural environment accompanied with the auspicious Buddhist influence. If you are truly passionate about exploring adventures, then you must go to Himachal. The mountainous region consists of infinite trek paths that are amazing and challenging. Now, the first question that arises is 'how to plan an interesting trekking trip to Himachal?' Or 'What are the places to explore in Himachal as a trekker?' In this regards the first option that comes in the mind is the Him Journey Tour and Travel Company. The Him Journey Tour and Travel Company provides you special packages related to different treks with different budget options. You don't have to panic about 'where to stay or who will guide us on this path?' or anything. Him Journey Tour and Travel Company benefits you by providing all the privileges starting from hotel booking, provision of trekking tools, coaches & guides, conveyance (transportation), etc. under one roof. The company works efficiently to provide the best services under an expertise customer friendly team.

Owing to the diverse terrain and speechless spectacular beauty of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, residing in the lap of the Himalayas, has become an attraction for those enthusiasts who love thrills and challenges in life. The view of the pure whitish snow occupied peaks, marvelous Buddhist temples, thick woods, and beautiful flowering meadows could easily steal your heart and makes you feel breathless in your path.

Situated under the lap of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh consists of innumerable an exhilarating trek that soothes your soul internally by providing a panoramic view of the mountains. Among these hilarious treks, Chanderkhani trek is noted as one of the best treks in the Himachal region. Apart from these, there are many other breathtaking treks lying between Manali and Dharmashala such as Bhirgu Lake Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Triund trekking and camping, Guna Devi Trek and many more. Also the Pin Parvati Pass trek stands as one of the extensive treks in Himachal. All these challenging treks would surely witness the most majestic landscape and give you unforgettable memories captivated inside your mind.

Thus, pack your bags, expand your limits and get ready to feel the pumping of blood through your veins and test your calibre of trekking to some of the challenging treks of Himachal. It will give you a short yet thrilling sojourn from the regular clamorous routine.

Last, but not the least, concern yourself from the Him Journey Tour and Travel Company and enjoy the best tour and travel services in a pocket friendly manner under your budget. For further queries, kindly visit the website.